First two photos are more recent. Likely Male. Leatherback, Het Trans, Poss Het Hypo. Hatched May 26th, 2019.


This sweet guy hatched with something we have never seen happen before, he hatched with a small dip/hold in his back along his spine. Thankfully within 2 weeks of him being born and with the application of polysporin to help it heal the hole healed over and he is doing great! He is just like any other dragon, he just has a small scar along his back ( You can see the scar in the photos, in the middle of his back).


Due to this scar and uncertainty as to if his spine will have any problems in his later years of life he is heavily discounted to $90 (Normally he would be $170) 










C$170.00 Regular Price
C$90.00Sale Price

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