Female. Poss Het hypo. Is quite skittish, but does not show much aggression.  Was previously moved to a new home and was given the name Scarla, but the owner struggled to get the temperatures warm enough and therefore she went into brumation and therefore hardly ate and therefore didn't grow much during her time with her new owner (thankfully during that time she overall stayed healthy and didn't loose weight). The onwer had many unexpected life events occur making it hard for her to take care of the beardie, so I ended up taking her back. I have had her with me for a couple of months now to make sure the reason why she wasn't eating much was due to brumation and no other issues. She is now eating lots and growing at a normal rate and I expect her to grow up to be a normal size (no stunted growth). She didn't get much handling in her first home and therefore is fairly skittish. With consistent handling she should get much more friendly :)  Hatched around April 14th, 2020. 


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