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Gender: Male

Genetics: Dunner, Silkback, Possible Het for Hypo

Hatched : Feb 14th, 2024


Please note: Do not buy this guy unless you have experience or researched about silkback bearded dragons. We rarely produce silkback dragons because they require special care to keep their skin healthy. Silkback dragons have no scales and shed more frequently. They require frequent baths and for their skin to be lotioned in order for them to shed properly and stay healthy. 


This guy had a rough start with his first few sheds, lots of areas on his tail got areas of badly stuck shed as well as his arms. Thankfully we were able to clear the stuck shed, but damage had already been made to his tail, resulting in him loosing some of the length of his tail. He also has lots of scaring up most of the length of his tail. The last few times he has shed have gone much smoother. Like all the silkbacks we currrently have, he has has frequent baths and aloe vera gel applied to his skin every few days. Aside from his shedding issues he has been thriving, eating lots and growing fast. 




C$300.00 Regular Price
C$230.00Sale Price
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