Male. Genetics: Translucent, Leatherback, possible Het for Hypo. This guy has some very faint Purple Paradox spots!! He is sibling to the 2 other purple Paradox dragons we have. We were going to keep him but have too many beardies from his same bloodline, so we have decided to rehome him. Shortly after he hatched out he developed a few purple paradox spots; One is located on the left side of the top of his head, another near the middle. A couple very mild ones on his underside of his chin and one on his belly. He is only halfway grown up and therefore has more developing to do, there is a chance he may develop more defined pardox spots as he grows. The first 4 photos shown are him now, I couldn't get the lighting right to really show the spots very well. I will try to get some more photos of him soon. The last 5 photos shown are him as a baby, in those photos you can see the spots more easily. Lately he has been super aggressive though and will bite if you catch him in a bad mood. He will require someone with lots of patience who can consistently handle him to get him more used to being handled.

#12-AB-Male-6 mth old-Purple Paradox

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