Female. Genetics: Hypo, Leatherback. Hatched March 2nd, 2021. Will be ready to go to her new home Monday June 14th, 2021.  The special girl is a walking miracle! She hatched out with what seems to be some neurological issues. Her egg wasn't very healthy so I suspect that has some play in her uniqness. Her main, and what seems to be her only issue is she keeps her head always tilted to one side and struggles with some balance issues. She has been like this since the moment she hatched. Her balance issues haven't gotten better or worse, however she does seem to be aware of her balance issues and therefore does a good job at being relatively careful and calculates her moves well. She is small for her age but eats completely on her own! She even catches her own crickets! She is shedding and growing with no issues. She would do best in an enclosure with only low and easy things to climb on and would do best being fed live bugs in a seperate tank/ container where she can easily catch her bugs. Salads are no issue for her. She does a good job finding her salad dish on her own and eating from it. We are asking a $20 adoption fee for her (shipping at your own expense if shipping is needed). If you think she would be a good fit for your home or have questions feel free to reach out and send me an email! :) 

#3-CC-Female - Special Needs