This little guy is free. He has poor balance and likely something neurologically wrong with him. We have never had a bearded dragon with the same problem as him and are unable to diagnose him. He does not have impaction nor adinovirus. He hatched with having balance issues since day one. We call him our upside down baby because for the first 3 weeks of his life he prefered to cling upside down to everything in his enclosure than to be upright. Miraculously he has been quite the trooper and catches all his bugs on his own and eats his veggies depsite often loosing his balance while running. So far he does not require any special care, however, due to our uncertainty of what his life will be like and what his lifespan will be he is free to a good loving him. Feel free to email us for more information on this sweetie. He is a gorgeous Leatherback, Het Trans, poss het hypo.



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