I'm not 100% confident on his gender, but I think he is likely a male. Rankins Dragon. Hatched Dec 7th, 2020. He won't be ready to go to his new home until March 22nd. He hatched with a a really big bend in his tail. You can see in the photos that his tail drastically bends to the right (His tail is stuck like that) and has a few little kinks/ waves in it. He hatched this way, none of the curves or waves in his tail are from being harmed. He hatched as the runt and was the smallest out of the group, but he has been healthy and eating well since day 1. His tail seems to purely be a cosmetic flaw, but somtimes, in rare cases, flaws like can mean he may be genetically more susceptable to developing other gentics disorders later on in his life. He is discounted heavily due to this. 


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