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Gender: Likely Female

Genetics: Dunner, Silkback, Hypo

Hatched : March 15th, 2024


Please note: Do not buy this girl unless you have experience or researched about silkback bearded dragons. We rarely produce silkback dragons because they require special care to keep their skin healthy. Silkback dragons have no scales and shed more frequently. They require frequent baths and for their skin to be lotioned in order for them to shed properly and stay healthy. 


This girl has been doing very well and each shed has gone fairly smoothly. We give her a bath every 2-3 days, sometimes daily if she is shedding a lot. She has also has aloe vera gel applied to her skin every few days. She has only a few minor indents on her tail from temporarily stuck shed. 




C$300.00 Regular Price
C$280.00Sale Price
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