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Haku the 2 year old Male bearded dragon is looking for a new home! Please note Haku is not one of Kelowna Bearded Dragons babies and therefore we do not have information regarding Haku's genetics or family tree, His owners sadly are in position where rehoming their dragon is their only option. Haku will be rehomed with no enclosure or set up included since the owners currently have him housed in a borrowed enclosure. Haku is situated in Lake country, BC, but Kelowna Bearded Dragons can assist in shipping Haku to new owners anywhere within Canada & the U.S. at the adopters cost.  Here is the owners description about Haku:


"We got him as a hatchling two years ago,

He is hand tamed, and very friendly,

His favourite veggies during the winter season are endive, arugula, kale, celery greens, and turnip greens

During the summer we grow him collard and mustard greens, he especially loves those!

We give him a treat twice a month, he really likes mango but also enjoys banana’s and strawberries. "


If you are interested in adopting Haku please contact his owners directly either through email or phone (250)-803-6283


Thank you! :)

Haku-2 Year old Male

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