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Bearded Dragons & Shedding

As Bearded Dragons grow they shed their skin. Their colour will start to turn dull or grey before they are about to shed. Young Bearded Dragons will shed their skin frequently (sometimes once a month). As your Bearded Dragon ages, he/she will slow down how often he/she sheds. Older adult Bearded Dragons will usually only shed once or twice a year. 

You can help your Bearded Dragon when he/she is shedding by misting him/her with water in a spray bottle or giving him/her a warm bath. 

DO NOT try to help your Bearded Dragon by pulling off the shedding skin, by doing this you could permenantly damage your Bearded Dragon's scales. 

You may notice your Bearded Dragon not enjoying being held or acting a bit irritable when shedding, this is normal and your Bearded Dragon's behaviour should go back to normal once he/she is done shedding. 

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