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I would greatly appreciate a review from you! Please email me your review and I will add it to my website. Thank you!


5 star review for Carissa! :) I felt so comfortable and confident getting my new baby with all the information and knowledge Carissa provided me with. This baby is one of a kind and is such a cuddle bug! We can’t get enough of him, he’s so friendly, loving and trusting. You can tell he was very well taken care of. He came with a full family tree and delivery was extremely quick and he came warm and happy!!! We love our Winter Wonder!

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 Carissa has been nothing short of helpful and truly amazing. This is my first dragon and her website and emails have given myself a ton of information in regards to tank set up and food, along with a little feeding schedule idea. It was easy to search through the babies for sale and contact her with questions before purchasing. Upon the arrival of our baby girl "Sitka" she was warm and healthy. She came a day early which was great! Our dragon has been handled and fed a wonderful diet from hatching. She is super healthy and friendly.

The care that goes into all the babies and adults at kelowna bearded dragons is why I chose

them. Thank you again so much!


 Sad that I can only give 5 stars they deserve a ton more!! Clarissa was amazing, to keeping me informed on the travel of my new baby beardie, she arrived happy, healthy, and vibrant. The UPS guy even helped me one it right away, as I was anxious if she was OK. She, who we named Darcarys is beautiful to say the least. Every millimeter of her, every detail is stunning. Knowing where she came from and the exact types of morph traits she may have is informative and perfect when picking out your new dragon. I love how Carissa enclosed a printed copy of her Family tree. I got to see her ancestry all the way to paternal great grandmother. So neat to see the family line and how beautiful they were as well. I am overly happy with the customer service, the quick responses, and how my new dragon was shipped and packaged so perfectly and safely. I'm over the moon happy choosing to go with Kelowna Bearded Dragon if and when I need another I will definitely come back and recommend them to anyone who wants a dragon as well. Thank you!!!!

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- Ashleigh from Northern BC ♥

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with Kelowna Bearded Dragons and Carissa.
Its been a week now with my little girl and things couldn't be going any better!! 
Carissa was beyond great to deal with and she answered all my questions in a timely fashion. 
My new little girl arrived last week and packaged so well I don't think she minded her travel at all! 
Shes a very sweet tempered girl with lots of spunk already. 
I'm over the moon and just wanted to let anyone know that if you're looking for a baby beardie these guys know what they're doing. Highly recommend!


 OMG we got our first bearded dragon today from Kelowna Bearded Dragon, Carissa was the best to deal with and our little Stitch is amazing. The best disposition, calm and well adjusted and that speaks so highly of Carissa and how well she takes care of them. 
He came right across the country from Kelowna to Newfoundland. 
He got a bath immediately, no problem and started to eat his greens right away and crickets later in the day. 
I would definitely recommend Kelowna (and have already) Bearded Dragons to anyone. If we were to get another Carissa would be the first I contact 😊❤ Thank you so much - the smile on my daughters face all day today - priceless 😊


 I first contacted Carissa roughly 6 years ago when I had a sick beardy that I purchased from PetSmart. :( I had taken Hefner to a local vet, who couldn't help me, So I started "googling"... Kelowna bearded dragons popped up! I emailed Carissa with my concerns and she replied to me very quickly. I explained that I got Hefner from PetSmart and was really concerned about his health and asked if She would be willing to take a look at him; to which she of course answered "absolutely." I took my beardie for an in-person visit to Carissa and learned more about the bearded dragons I've already had for a couple years in that one visit then I had my entire "beardie mom" existence!!! She is quite possibly the most genuinely caring "stranger" I have ever met. And her knowledge on bearded dragons is next level! Whether you bought your baby from her or from somewhere else, she is always willing to lend an ear. You can even book a "zoom" session with her so she can see your pet! Thank you for all your help over the years Carissa! I truly appreciate you As do (did) my beardies! (Indica, Hefner, Bella, and Gibbs!) Leana


 In my quest to find a Rankins Dragon, I was fortunate to discover Kelowna Bearded Dragons and Carissa Garton, breeder and owner. I live in Ontario and have not experienced purchasing a dragon in another province (especially the shipping part). Carissa was amazing...from our very first phone call right up to the safe and "on time" delivery of my little guy Pippin. I am absolutely delighted with him. He came out of his shipping container warm, bright eyed and brimming with personality! Carissa has a genuine passion for her dragons. She was always just an email or a phone call away. Her kindness, knowledge and reassurance helped to make this long distance purchase feel very positive and personal to me. I love knowing who Pippin's parents are and being able to see them on her website. It's the attention to detail and little extras that set her apart from the rest. I can't imagine using any other breeder for future bearded dragon purchases. In my opinion, you don't find too many like Kelowna Bearded Dragons. Many thanks again Carissa!!


Carissa was amazing to deal with. You can tell that she really cares about her bearded dragons. Once we received Nugget I knew just by looking at him that he was healthy, happy and super cute!! We are over the moon happy with Carissa and if we ever decide to get another one we will be using her again! 


"Absolutely recommend Kelowna Dragons!! I got my girl yesterday and I’m so pleased with her & the whole process. First time I had a beardie shipped from out of Province. She arrived quickly & still toasty the middle of an Alberta winter, that’s impressive. She’s in amazing health and so beautiful.
The beardies are of fabulous quality and you can tell the care Carissa puts into them. She was so kind and took time to answer my questions over the phone. 

I’m very pleased- you can’t go wrong with Kelowna beardies."


"I purchased a bearded dragon from Kelowna Bearded Dragons approximately three weeks ago and couldn't be happier with him. Despite being shipped across the country, he arrived safely packaged and in great condition. Our little "Zipper" has a wonderful temperament and is easy to handle. He's eaten his greens from day one and would go through a week worth of insects in one sitting if I let him. He came with a family tree and pictures of his parents and grandparents which was a very nice touch. The owner Carissa is friendly, knowledgeable, easy to get a hold of, and has answered all the questions I had since his arrival. If you're looking for a high quality, healthy, beautiful, bearded dragon I highly recommend Carissa and Kelowna Bearded Dragons."


“Carissa was amazing to deal with. We got a baby Rankin’s from her (the cutest one!) which is our first ever time owning a reptile. So needless to say, we had tooons of questions. She took the time to answer each and every question we had in detail, and also provided tips and products that could help us out. We couldn’t have asked for more. We ordered from the other side of the country, but our little guy arrived safe and sound, well-packaged and on time, no issues at all. Thank you for your time and great service! Highly recommend this breeder!!”


This was my first time receiving Bearded Dragons from Kelowna Bearded Dragons. I'm in love! I've recommended them to multiple people.. My babies came in and blew me away! The colors are amazing and super friendly (even with my small humans). Unfortunately before they were shipped my female was bitten on the back foot. But she let me know right away... sending multiple pictures to the best of her ability! She also took the time to answer any questions I had. We will definitely be back soon for more babies 💜


"Carissa has a very calm disposition and is amazing to work with. She is so passionate and knowledgeable about Bearded Dragons. She thoroughly educated our family and was very patient with all of our questions. She spent hands on hours with us and gave in depth replies to our countless number of emails. She took the time to ensure our family was fully prepared and comfortable before bringing our Bearded Dragon home. We are truly amazed by the dedication she has to Bearded Dragons and her customers. What an experience!"


"Carissa was amazing to work with. I purchased my first ever reptile from her, a beautiful bearded dragon. You can tell Carissa spends time with her babies because when Missy arrived she soon warned up to my husband and I. Within 36 hrs Missy was happy to climb into my hand and cuddle in the chair and watch tv. We still have so much to learn about each other, but so far I couldn't be happier. Also Carissa had to send my dragon via UPS and she arrived well packaged and still warm after 28hrs of travel. I will again use Kelowna Bearded Dragons when purchasing my next beardie. Thank you Carissa. From one happy beardie mommy!"


"I'm very happy with her service, the way the dragons were kept, and just how amazing my lil one is!!! Thanx soooooo much!"


"I got a baby about 8 months ago now and she's perfect, super friendly and colourful, getting prettier everyday. 10/10 would recommend." 


"Amazing breeder. I got to meet the parents of my baby and get to know the babies before I picked which on to bring home. Highly recommended! I enjoyed our visit and presently loving my little Juno!!! She's gorgeous and more than I ever expected her to be already!"


"Carissa has done a wonderful job at breeding and our Bearded Dragon has a great temperament and was obviously loved and cared for as a baby.  Our Dragon is curious and lets us know when she is bored and wants out of her enclosure.  Our dog and bird have gotten over their curious stage and want to play

with her but she is a bit threatened by them still and puffs out her beard and backs away. 

When she gets bigger I bet she will be playing with our dog.  Carissa was very helpful

with our very first reptile as a companion and has been there for us patiently answering

questions we have.  I recommend her Dragons to whomever may want one as a loving

companion.  I was truly amazed that they can actually show affection and bond with a

human.  I am very happy with our choice."


" If you are looking for an amazing breeder, who loves her beardies, this is your best stop! You can see the love and caring that goes into her breeding, she is very knowledgeable, and makes herself available if you have any questions or concerns. I was so impressed, I adopted 7 :). Carissa is an amazing woman who I would recommend to anyone looking for an addition to their family. After meeting her, seeing her beardies, I wouldn't buy from anyone else. Thank you!!!"



"The business here was so professional and so amazing, when you buy a dragon at a store, no one ever knows who their parents were, or if they will even be healthy and they are NEVER handled! They don't even know that they need a UVB light most of the time! Such a difference to the guarantee you have here of getting a healthy dragon that was handled, bathed, fed properly, and truly taken care of. Because this was my first dragon I took my time when I was choosing which one to take which included over a hundred texts each way and approximately 8 visits to her personal house on her schedule and she still took great care of us! Amazing experience, nothing negative to say here. You would only be cheating yourself to take a store bought one over these."

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