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3' Long X 2' Wide X 2' Tall

We now offer beautiful handmade enclosures perfect for your Dragons! These enclosures are made out of Melamine coated MDF and are well sealed on the inside. Please note these enclosures are for local sales only, either you have to come pick up for your enclosure, or we can deliver locally for a small fee. Please note these enclosures will not fit in a small car. 



Why Melamine?

Melamine enclosure are a good choice for your dragons for a number of reasons. Firstly melamine enclosures, being white on the inside reflect the light back at your dragon throughout the day, this often results in your dragon showing off his/hers best colours and getting lots of that much needed light!  Secondly melamine enclosures hold in the heat much more than the regularly used glass enclosures, therefore it takes less power to heat the enclosure. This results in lower power bills! Thirdly, the solid sides keep your dragon calmer, an all glass enclosure can stress a Bearded Dragon out from seeing all the reflections on the glass. 

About our Enclosures


-Our enclosures are made out of 1/2 inch melamine, and are finished up with nice thick trim on the front, sides, and top.

-We can stain the trim with a stain of your preference.

-All edges on the inside of our enclosures are sealed with silicone to prevent water damage.


-The bottom of our enclosures are either finished with a tile or laminate and silicone in the cracks and edges.

-If you have a certain tile or laminate in mind for your enclosure let us know!


-Choose a  waterproof and tear proof background of your choice for your enclosure at no extra cost!

-Contact us to see some options.

-If you have a photo you would like to us send it to us (must be of high resolution) 


- Our enclosures have thick sliding glass doors

-The glass can be lifted and popped out with ease to allow for easy cleaning as well as a safer way to transport the enclosure when being moved. 


-Our enclosures have a vent at the back of the enclosure that has a mesh net on the inside to keep bugs from getting out easily. 


-Our enclosures come with one heat fixture safe for up to 250 watts and one light fixture (for your UVB bulb) already installed.

-Bulbs not included with the enclosures, bulbs can be easily found at your local pet stores. 


Our 3' by 2' by 2' enclosures are $350 each, to add a climbing ledge is $15 extra

Please allow 1-6 weeks for your enclosure to be made. 

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