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Our Family Tree

  We have been breeding Bearded Dragons for 10+ years now. It all first started with getting Drazil, our male bearded dragon who is now 14 years old. We loved having Drazil so much that a year later we decided to get him a female friend which resulted in us getting Lizzie (who is now about 13 years old). When we found out Lizzie was pregnant we decided to try hatching her eggs, and ever since we have been enjoying hatching and raising bearded dragons.


 Eventually Drazil and Lizzie started to get too old to breed anymore and we thought that would be the end of hatching and raising bearded dragons (or so we supposed).  

Someone soon approached us with a breeding pair of theirs that they had to part with and wanted them to be left in our hands. We very quickly fell in love with Leo’s (The male) mesmerizing colors and stunning golden eyes, and Lola’s (The female) long body, elegant build and love of being held. So we started raising Leo and Lola’s babies, which resulted in baby beardies with a beautiful mix of colors.    

     We decide to keep a baby from Drazil and Lizzie’s last batch of babies which resulted in us keeping our male Velcro. We later decided to keep one of Leo and Lola’s babies, so we chose to keep female Saphira. We now are breeding Velcro and Saphira and Leo and Lola are no longer in our care. We are so happy to continue this family tree.    


    If you decide to come see the babies you will get to meet the grandparents Drazil and Lizzie, and also the parents Saphira and Velcro. Knowing the family tree from where your bearded dragon came from is important, as you can ensure that your bearded dragon was not inbred. Inbreeding can cause deformities in bearded dragons, or many times it is not visibly noticeable and can result in your bearded dragon having a shortened lifespan and/or having many health problems.

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