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Female. Genetics: Hypo, possible het for translucent. Special needs since he has MD. Muscular Dystrophy is a debilitation neuromuscular disease. Much like MD in humans, Bearded Dragons with MD experience progressive muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass. Dragons with MD struggle to move their limbs properly. This usually is a progressive desease (some can progress very slowly and still live a decently long life happily). Very little information about MD in dragons is known, but findings suggest Dragons with MD are not in any pain and can still live a very happy life. As you can see in the photos of her, one of the symptoms of MD is the way she folds her arms in when picked up. When she is put down she stays folded up for a couple of minutes and then unfolds and often holds herself up properly and looks like a normal beardie most of the time when resting. Her MD symptoms are very mild right now and half the time not noticeable. She is easily managing to eat on her own and hunt down her own bugs. She still has a love for life and is very active and friendly. She needs a loving home where she can enjoy life! :) She would do best in a smaller enclosure with minimal climbing decor (not too tall of climbing structures) . There is a $40 adoption fee for her. She also has some indents in her tail from some recent stuck shed that was easily fixed by a long soak in the bath and gentle scrubbing with a toothbrush.  If you would like to know more about her or MD feel free to send me an email. :)

#1-SB-Female-Special Needs

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