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Female Rankins Dragon. This girl looks and acts like a normal Rankins dragon. Eats, runs, climbs with no issues, but very occasionally is showing some very very mild signs of possibly having Muscular Dystrophy. So just to be safe I am adopting her house labled as special needs. The only time I can faintly see some symptoms are when I bath or pick her up and she shows some movements with her limbs that are consistent with Muscular Dystrophy (such as folding her arms in front of her chest and some strange movements with her back legs). 


Muscular Dystrophy is a debilitation neuromuscular disease. Much like MD in humans, rankins and Bearded Dragons with MD experience progressive muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass. Dragons with MD struggle to move their limbs properly. This usually is a progressive desease (some can progress very slowly and still live a decently long life happily). Very little information about MD in dragons is known, but findings suggest Dragons with MD are not in any pain and can still live a very happy life.  This girl is currently living life like a normal Rankins dragon with no extra care. She would do best in a smaller enclosure and eventually may need climbing decor that is not very tall and easy to climb in case her condition progresses and she loses some of her motor control.  There is a $80 adoption fee for her. If you would like to know more about her or MD feel free to send me an email. :)

#3-SP-Female-Mild Special Needs

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