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Our hearts are breaking to have come to the conclusion that we should rehome our sweet sweet Bowser, but we are excited at the thought of him getting to be in a home where he will get one on one attention and lots of affection!


I am rehoming Bowser since he seems to not have the best function of his legs and I am unsure if it’s a trait that could be passed down to his offspring and therefore, to be safe, I do not want to use him for breeding. His use of his legs reminds me a bit of muscular dystrophy in bearded dragons. However, they are very mild symptoms and do not seem to be getting worse, if anything he has shown some improvements in the last few months.


He is super sweet, never aggressive and is super mellow. You can put him on your lap and because he doesn't like to climb around much he will usually just hang out and fall asleep. He is also super stunning looking. Most people would think he's a normal beardie, just a bit lazy. But in my case since I am a breeder, I can see that his use of his legs isn't quite normal. He lays flat a lot. His father, Duke, also produced the first ever muscular dystrophy baby I have ever hatched, which makes me think there's some kind of not-so-great genetics that got passed down to Bowser. I rehomed his father Duke to a good home not looking to breed when I realized he produced a MD baby since I didn't want to risk it happening again.


He clings to anything he can, in a not normal way, it's hard to explain without you seeing it. When you pick him up he clings to you. Because he doesn't move around the fastest, and doesn't hold himself up properly when walking he is not the best at catching crickets. Sometimes he can corner and catch a few, other times I feed him some with tweezers. Or I give him BSFL, superworms, or wax worms which are easier for him to catch. He doesn't need to eat a whole lot though to keep on weight since he isn't very active. So he doesn't expend much energy.


He would benefit from a loving home that will hold him lots. He doesn’t need a very large enclosure since he doesn’t climb around a whole lot, but low easy to climb décor is good to have in his enclosure to encourage him to keep using his muscles. I you think you might be the right fit for Bowser feel free to email me with any questions you have 😊

Bowser - 3 years old

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