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Meet Venus. Venus is a 1 year old female bearded dragon with suspected stunted growth. She is one of Rosanna & Crosby's babies and was recently brought back to us due to her owner being at a loss as to why she hasn't grown into a full sized adult dragon despite her having a large apetite and being a healthy dragon. Over the past year the owner and I have communicated back and forth troubleshooting why she hasn't been growing much. Her owner has taken her to the vet and the vet confirmed that parasites were not an issue and also couldn't understand why she was growing so slowly. In early Feb 2023 we troubleshooted again and discovered the customers temperature readings were off and the temperatures were too low. After raising the temperatures she went through a big growth spurt, and then her owner said she has slowed down in growing again since. I have included a photo the customer sent me of her in on Feb 21st, 2023, when comparing to the recent photos I took of her you can see she has grown some and has developed more colour, but is still very small for her age. It is uncertain if she will grow much more, or stay "dwarf" sized. The vet says the main concern would be she could have a shortened lifespan due to her organs maybe not developing properly within her petite frame. So far she eats, lives and behaves just like a normal dragon and appears very healthy (including a recent fecal test that came back clear). The owners says she eats a LOT and likes just about any food and was mainly feeding her hornworms, wax worms, silk worms black soldier fly larvea, and veggies with D3 etc.. 


She is well socialized, does well with being handled, does not show agression, but still has some skittish moments (which could easily be improved with consistent handling). 


If you think you could provide Venus a loving home and love her whether she stays petite, or grows more don't hesitat to contact us! :) 

Female, Dwarf Adult

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