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Rosanna is a 7 year old female Bearded Dragon and she is THE BEST dragon one can ask for! It has been a very difficult decision to put her up for adoption, and I certainly have been putting it off because I will miss her. She is loved by many, but she is well past her prime for breeding and she deserves to transition to a home where she can be spoiled and get lots of one on one attention.  Rosanna has produced many many babies in her lifetime and arguably some of the healthiest, chunkiest babies with beautifully calm and sweet demeanours, just like Rosanna.  


She has been around to elemantary schools with me in the past, with children swarmed around her and has always remained calm and gentle as kids approached and pet her. Most days, shes pretty lazy and likes to sit in one spot on top of her favorite hide, and then retreat into her hide for power naps throughout the day. She is always down for snuggles though, so would make a great TV watching buddy. Having said all that, she still has her adventurous moments and especially in the summer time will explore around outside if you take her out on a harness. 


She is a big girl, one of the biggest dragons I have owned. Currently I have been trying to give her lots of bugs and treat bugs to help fatten her back up since she lost some weight from laying some clutches of eggs recently. She sadly has gone through 2 respiratory infections in the past. One about 3 years ago, and another recently (after getting a first RI a bearded dragon can be more sensitive to getting another RI). We belive she would not have had the second Respiratory infection if it weren't for the unprecedented wildfires we had in our area this summer, which resulted in the room she was in getting smoky despite trying our best to keep the smoke out. 


We gave her a couple weeks of vet prescribed antibiotics and she improved immediately and now has been back to her normal self for a while now and is clear from her RI. She has been packing on weight and at the moment getting ready to shed :) I still have leftover antibiotics from her treatment and can include them with her adoption.  If during the transition to a new home she were to show any syptoms of catching an RI again likely just a few days of the antibiotics would nip it in the bud. 


I am hoping I can rehome her to someone able to pick her up in person, but am open to shipping her to the right home. If you pick up in person she will come with her favorite hide (seriously, shes obssesed with this thing, its been her favorite hide for roughly 5 years despite having tried out other hides lol). 


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding Rosanna. :)




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