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Saphire is the daughter of our former breeders Phoenix & Saphira. She is just about 4 years old now. We raised her from a hatchling to become a breeder, but sadly despite her always being very healthy and an ideal weight, she has never laid a clutch of eggs. We are so disapointed to not have gotten to have offspring from this wonderful dragon. We think she may be sterile. It is possible she could still lay the odd clutch in the future, but nonetheless we feel she would be better suited for a home where she gets more one on one attention and is not to be used for the purposes of breeding. We will miss her dearly, but know she will love having a home where she can be the center of attention. She is quite calm with being handled, likes to explore her enclosure, has a good apetite but isn't a huge eater (although if you offer her superworms or hornworms she will eat till the cows come home!), and maintains a healthy weight easily. She has beautiful colours and would make a great companion both in a quite home situation, or a busy family home situation.  


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