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Toothless is a 2 year old adult male Rankins. He hatched Sept 11th, 2020 and hatched here at Kelowna Bearded Dragons. He was sold to a loving home Jan 2021 and lived with a family until July 2021 at which time I took him back. The family that he was with took wonderful care of him. At first they were seeing improvment in him becoming more and more friendly and used to being handled, but close to July 2021 started having issues with him showing agression and sometimes trying to bite. Since the family had young children they felt it was best to send him back to me to rehome since they weren't comfortable with the uncertainty of his behaviour. Since he has been here his temperment has varried, but overall he has been quite skittish and occasionally tries to bite me as well. Having said this I have not had the time since I got him back to hold him daily to try and socialize him more. He may show improment overtime with practice and patience. Due to his behaviour he is priced low at $75. He could make a good pet in a low stress quite home with a owner with patience to give him time to warm up to his new environment. He also could make a good breeder for someone looking to get into breeding Rankins Dragons. In the photos his colours look a bit dull since he is getting ready to shed. He is Jasmine and Hubie's baby

Toothless - Adult Rankins

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