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Custom Terrarium Unit for Sale in Kelowna!

A previous customer has her one of a kind STUNNING 2 terrarium / entertainment unit for sale. Located in Rutland Kelowna, BC, Canada. I'm adding this to my website to help her bring some attention to this REALLY nice set up. It has 2 side by side 67 gallon terrariums in the bottom, a section for a 55" mounted TV, and shelving on the sides. Unit comes with everything needed for proper lizard care. 4 full light domes, 2 wired light domes, 2 UVB light mounts, 2 generic power bars, 1 dual-outlet timed power bar, 1 8-outlet timed power bar, 2 ceramic heaters, 2 UVB lights, and all terrarium decorations included in the associated picture. The terrariums are water resistant, have ventilation sources, and are designed for proper lizard care (cool zones, basking spot, brumation spot, and a water bath). It is a front accessible unit, with glass doors held in place with magnetic locks. Bearded Dragons, TV, and sound bar not included. Call Hayley at 250-869-5853 if you are interested :)


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