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Rescue Bearded Dragons. Free to good homes!

We took in some rescue Bearded Dragons from someone who bred her adult Bearded Dragons and is no longer able to care for the babies. Unfortunately these babies were inbred. The mother of these babies is actually one of Drazil and Lizzie's babies from a while back, but the father of these babies is one of Drazil and Lizzie's grandchildren.

Because the health problems that inbreeding can cause, these Dragon are free, I just want to help find them good homes as they were in a bad situation before.

So far these babies seem to be very healthy, have no birth defects, are very beautiful and love being handled. However, I do not want to mislead anyone as inbred Bearded Dragons can be prone to having a shortened lifespan as well as general health problems. Please let me know if you are interested in providing one of these sweet babies a home.

Update: All of these Dragon have found new homes! Thank you to everyone who opened up their homes to these sweet dragons.!

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