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Adult Bearded Dragon in need of a new home

***Update, Spike has found a lovely new home*** have Meet Spike! This sweet 3 year old adult Bearded Dragon is looking for a new home. He is not one of our dragons, originally from a responsible local pet store, but his owner reached out to us for help re homing him. She says he is very active and social but goes through quite times as well. He likes pea shoots, Bok Choy leaves, Silkworms, and crickets. He is kind of a picky eater but knows what he likes. He comes with his enclosure, heat lamp, UV light, Hammock, Dishes, Plants, a Cave, supplements, and the stand his enclosure is on for $200. Owner is located in Lake Country, BC. You can reach her at 250-718-7035 if you are interested in him. Or contact us. :)


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